Sept.13, 2017, Habima, Tel-Aviv:
The 3rd. International Exposition and Conference on Building Preservation.

We are proud to announce the upcoming 3rd Exposition and Conference on Building preservation.
This year, the subject will focus on: “Managing the Risks in Building Preservation“.

Preservation projects need entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to face the challenges of specific engineering: reinforcing buildings against earthquakes, coping with air pollution damages; humidity; pests; salts; dangers along the shores, like collapsing cliffs or Tsunami; the needs of development in Historical City Centers, which include suitable and durable solutions, while preserving the original elements.

The purpose of this conference is to present various ways of coping and managing risks at preservation sites by showing cases and projects from Israel and around the world.

The Conference is produced and directed by the international relations department of the Council of the Historical Sites Preservation in Israel, along with a professional committee. Senior specialists in the subject from Israel and around the world will present and lecture at the Exposition and Conference as well. We expect more than 1500 participants and visitors.

The success of the previous expositions and conferences proves the immense interest of the public and the access to a multitude of professional and technical knowledge in one place, similar to Preservation Expositions held in Paris, France and Ferrero, Italy. Our experience has shown us that it is a good professional platform to encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing among the specialists in the subject.

Several international companies will participate this year too. We’ll be happy to join companies, organizations, workshops of traditional craftsmen and contractors in the field, to enable a vast exposure to knowledge and experience of many years in Preservation.

The target audience: architects, designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, contractors, appraisers, preservers, inspectors who take decisions on a regional level; environment and conservation organizations; public companies which lead Preservation in the country; suppliers; craftsmen with workshops in the field and everyone who is interested in Preservation in Israel and abroad. 

Looking forward to seeing you among us.