The 5th International Building and Sites Conservation Exhibition and Conference will be held at Habima Theater in Tel Aviv, December 10, 2019.

This year, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of an event which has drawn thousands of people as well as dozens of speakers and lecturers from Israel and abroad. We will be building on our previous success and on the increasing collaboration with colleagues in Italy, there for a  special conservation exhibition from Ferrara will be hosted at the event at Habima.

The theme of the professional conference that will take place during the event:

               “Conservation heritage as a lever for urban renewal”

At the conference, we will present the growing trend in the world of building conservation at historic sites and the recycling of buildings as an important part of urban renewal processes. We will also display a variety of aspects of the phenomenon: modification of industrial complexes, management plans, unique tools for reviving and rehabilitating neighborhoods, integration of modern infrastructure into old compounds.

We will focus on the power and role of the public in successful renewal projects, on ways of coping with gentrification, treatment of cultural landscapes and of public space as a primary tool for renewal, in addition to the development of appropriate systems in local government, and more.

This year, too, we are pleased to include in the framework of the event companies and traditional craftsmen, in order to enable them to reveal and share with the target audience some of the knowledge and experience they have accumulated in their conservation work over the years.

Icon Conferences produce the exhibition, and the conference is produced and led by the International Affairs Department of the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel, accompanied by a professional steering committee.

Members of the professional steering committee

  • Mr. Amos Eran – Chairman of the public International Affairs Committee, The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel.
  • Ms. Tamar Tuchler – CEO Deputy, Manager of the International Affairs Department & Tel- Aviv District, The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel.
  • Mr. Michael Cohen – International Project Coordinator, Conservation Department, Israel Antiquities Authority.
  • Mr. Raanan Kislev – Director of the Conservation Department, Israel Antiquities Authority.
  • Architect Shira Shapira – Deputy Senior Director, The Heritage Division.
  • Architect Zeev Margalit – Director of Conservation and Development, Israel Nature and Parks Authority.
  • Arnon Hefez – Director of the physical Conservation Department, The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel.
  • Eng. Omer Kaufman – Chairmain of the Exhibition
  • Mr. Inon Hacohen – Icon Conferences, Producer of the exhibition.
  • Dr. Architect Ram Shoef – Icomos Israel.
  • Eng. Yacov Sheffer – conservation Engineer.
  • Ms. Yael Etkin – Coordinator of the Steering Committee, the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel.

Target Audience:

Players in the Israeli and international arena of conservation, entrepreneurs, engineers, contractors, architects, conservers, suppliers, workshops, supervisors, representatives of local, regional and national planning authorities, land assessors, lawyers, conservation authorities and organizations, members of conservation committees, trustees, students, and so on.